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In general, slip and fall cases without the use of an attorney rarely get the attention they deserve.

Falls can happen rather quickly and un-expectantly – but proving ‘damages’ can be quite difficult when trying to do it without legal representation.

We at Richard J. Corriveau Law will work with you to carefully examine all possibilities of ‘how and why’ you fell. Slip and fall accidents can occur in a large array of locations under a vast number of circumstances. Not every situation gives rise to legal liability we work with you to determine who is liable.

Were you distracted? What were you wearing on your feet? Was there a handrail? Was the structure unsafe? Wet? Were you alone? Were you talking on the phone? Texting?

According to the National Floor and Safety Institute (NFSI) -“slip and falls account for over 8 million hospital emergency room visits, representing the leading cause of visits 21.3%. “

Don’t try to handle your slip and fall case on your own.

Let Richard J. Corriveau Law negotiate the settlement that you deserve. Call us at 248-380-0023

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