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Criminal Defense

A Richard J. Corriveau Law we understand that errors in judgment that result in criminal charges being brought against you or a loved one can have devastating and long lasting effects. To minimize theses effects it is important that before anything else then first person you should speak with in regards to any criminal matter is Richard J. Corriveau Law.

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Drunk Driving (OWI)

Drunk Driving is commonly referred to as broad title. In reality there are several degrees to which you may be charged and a myriad of sanctions which may follow. Often times, people ignore the complexity involved in this area of law, and choose to accept guilt for their perceived actions. Make your 1st call following an arrest to Richard J. Corriveau Law.

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Police Brutality

Beaten By Police? It is not uncommon to come across an officer who takes his frustration out on a innocent victim. If this victim is you contact Richard J. Corriveau Law today to speak to one of our attorneys.

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Drivers License Restoration

If you have been convicted for your second drunk driving within the past 7 years then you may already know that you may lose your driving privileges for a year. However, after that year there is no guarantee your will get your license back unless you meet the high burden the State of Michigan has set.

At Richard J. Corriveau Law, we can help guide you through the complicated process of getting your privileges back.

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Traffic  Violations

If you received moving violations in the State of Michigan the financial impact could have serious detrimental effects on your wallet and some cases your job.

At Richard J. Corriveau Law, we have experience handing these matters and can advise you on how and why they should be contested every time. Certain criminal convictions can also may carry sanctions imposed by the Secretary of State resulting in the loss of license and driving restrictions.

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Domestic Violence

The defense of domestic violence is increasingly important as prosecutors and police have been aggressive in charging this crime, often unfairly. Call Richard J. Corriveau Law to discuss your issue.

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