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Corriveau Family Law combines extensive courtroom experience

With backgrounds founded in education, psychology, government, and public service to represent our clients in a broad range of cases. With resources throughout Wayne, Oakland, Livingston, and Washtenaw county we are able to help a wide range of clients with all aspects of life.

The attorneys who work for our firm are members of many state and national professional organizations. Some of these include:

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  • The Michigan Association of Justice;
  • Family Law, Personal Injury, and Workers Compensation sections of the Michigan State Bar
  • The Brain Injury Association
  • State Appellant Defenders Office (SADO)

[/fancy_list]Close contact with these professional bodies both keep or firm in touch with latest developments in the law and help provide the best possible representation to our clients.

Ongoing communications contact with outside professionals also allows us to draw on expertise beyond the firm. Long-term relationships with doctors, psychologists, nurses, accounts and other professionals are advantages that separate our firm from others in preparation of cases, as well as in the courtroom. The result is a wide-ranging depth of knowledge that is a benefit to all of our clients.

[blockquote variation=”red”]It is the goal of our firm to help people through what can easily be the most difficult and trying times of ones life. Family Law can be made easier if they have someone who will ensure that their interests will be protected. Since 1976, this is the standard to which Corriveau Family Law commits itself. – Joseph P. Corriveau[/blockquote]

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