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This is not an easy time for Michigan workers

Worker’s rights under Worker’s Compensation have been diminished and/or in some cases, entirely eliminated by the Michigan Legislators and Supreme court.  It has become evident that Defendant employers and their insurance companies are very reluctant to pay benefits (including medical) to an injured worker even where an injury is documented and the residuals and disability of that injury are not disputed.

The defense community and insurance companies commonly deny claims because they know that a large percentage of injured workers will just ‘walk away’ without further pursuing their claim.  As to those employees who do pursue their claim, employers and insurance companies frequently stall and delay, exhausting the stamina of the worker, his/her family, and even many other Plaintiff attorneys.  I will not become discouraged, nor will I ‘give in’ and recommend a settlement that is not in the best interest of you.

Employers and insurance companies almost always retain physicians who make a substantial portion of their yearly income (in some cases their entire income) in performing what has come to be known as an Independent Medical Exam (IME).  This term unfortunately has become a misnomer for presumed ‘purchased’ testimony on behalf of employers and insurance companies.  I have cross-examined these so-called experts thousands of times and have broken through their shields.  I have experience and skill in medical to secure concessions from these Defendant doctors which will help you win your case.

I tell every prospective client that while the pursuit of their claim is important, it is not nearly as important as regaining of their health and physical capabilities.  I have compiled a list of physicians who not only do not owe their allegiance to defense companies and insurance companies, but who are also skilled in assisting you in regaining your health and physical capabilities.  All of these professionals are Board Certified.

Michigan Work-Related Injury Lawyer Protecting Your Rights After an Accident on the Job

From our office in Northville, The Richard J. Corriveau Law Firm represents injured workers throughout southeastern Michigan in workers’ compensation claims and appeals.  We have helped thousands of injured workers get the compensation they are entitled to under the law — to help themselves and their families during the difficult times after serious injury. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Are You Covered by the Worker’s Disability Compensation Act?

Most Michigan employers are required to carry workman’s comp insurance. However, certain exceptions do exist. For example, most federal employees are covered instead by the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act.

Companies with very small numbers of regular employees may also be exempt. If an employer regularly employees three or more employees at a time or employed one worker for 35 or more hours per week for 13 out of the 52 weeks of the last year, the company is required to provide workers’ compensation insurance benefits.

Even if you work for a very small company, however, you may still be able to recover worker’s compensation benefits. You may find that you need the help of an attorney to get the benefits you are entitled to. Our Northville workers’ compensation lawyers regularly help workers seeking benefits from small employers.

Did the Injury Arise out of and in the Course of Employment?

Workers’ compensation allows for payment of benefits to an employee who suffers a personal injury“arising out of” and “in the course of employment.”

In many instances, the answer to this question may be in dispute. For more than 30 years, Richard J. Corriveau Law has argued this issue in countless workers’ compensation cases, proving that injuries and illnesses happened at work so that the worker can recover benefits.

The general rule is that an employee going to or from work is not considered to be within the course of employment. However, exceptions exist. Your case needs to be examined individually to determine if you meet the test applied by the courts.

Workers’ Compensation Disputes Over the Cause of Injury

Often the cause of an injury or disability is easily determined but instances occur where this cannot be seen so easily. The law also provides for compensation for when a previously existing condition has been aggravated by your current employment.

In pursuing your rights it is important that you receive and be able to offer to the court credible and expert medical testimony about the causes and aggravations of your medical condition. At Richard J. Corriveau Law we have spent decades creating associations with medical experts and experts in other fields necessary to obtain successful results for our workers’ compensation clients.

In cases involving mental illness, heart trouble, and illnesses related to aging, one can recover workers’ compensation by proving that work aggravated the condition in a significant manner.

Other Legal Areas Related to Workers’ Compensation

At Richard J. Corriveau Law we look at the whole picture of a client’s legal situation. Often, the stress and strain of coping with disability and injury results in damage to one’s personal life.

If you become disabled you may also qualify for Social Security. Our attorneys can guide your decision and treatment toward meeting this goal if you are eligible.

For a free initial consultation about workers’ compensation with an attorney at our Northville firm, call 248-380-0023 or fill out the contact form on this site.