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Michigan Workplace Injury Lawyer

Under Michigan workers’ compensation law, the employer of an injured worker must allow the worker to seek independent medical care after a certain period of time after the initial injury. The employer may require the injured worker to go to a specific doctor — sometimes called the “company doctor” — in the very beginning stages of the claim process.

Even after the injured worker begins receiving independent medical care, the workers’ compensation insurance company or the employer may still have the right to require you to attend independent medical examinations (IMEs) throughout the entire period you are receiving workers’ compensation benefits.

Since 1976, Richard J. Corriveau Law in Northville has handled complex workers’ compensation cases for clients throughout southeastern Michigan. Our Northville workers’ compensation and independent medical examinations lawyers understand the importance of your doctors’ evaluations in successfully negotiating your workers’ compensation claim.

Throughout the claims process, we work closely with our clients and our clients’ doctors to help them prepare for these independent medical examinations. As with your regular doctor, you should tell the doctor at the independent medical examination all your symptoms and give complete information about all treatments you have had or are currently having.

The IME doctor will be examining you from the perspective of someone searching for evidence that you have recovered and can be ordered back to work.

It is wise to select a workers’ compensation lawyer who understands the medical claims and IME processes and who has long-established relationships with well-regarded physicians in the community.

If you have questions about medical care after a workplace injury, or if you have been ordered to attend an independent medical examination, contact our Northville, Michigan, workplace injury attorneys. Call 248-380-0023 or use our online contact form.

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